Sun, 17 Apr 2016
Kolymsky Heights

Kolymsky Heights
By Lionel Davidson

"O Raven, Raven! You bring light to the world but will die in the dark. It will end in tears". "Okay", Porter said. He had often heard his mother pronouncing in this way, and common sense told him that people did mainly die in the dark and all things ended in tears.

Jean-Baptiste Porteur, or Johnny Porter, is a Gitksan Indian from British Columbia, a member of the Raven clan. He is a prodigy with language, cautious, taciturn, extremely resourceful and clever. Tricky. A perfect secret agent for a very particular job.

This was an amazingly good read. Well written, exciting and another excellent thriller from Davidson. This is the second book of his I have read, after The Rose of Tibet, and on this form I will be reading many more. Kolymsky Heights is not only exciting, it is full of detail of language, landscape and life in the Artic, especially the natives of Northern and Eastern Russia, people I had never heard of. Like all great novels, you learn a great deal as you enjoy the read. Like Philip Pullman's review: the best thriller I've read.