Wed, 08 Apr 2015
Portrait Sketch v1

It's been a while again (almost 12 weeks!) but I finally sat down to do a bit more painting, again following the path of least resistance and using a Will Kemp tutorial.

Many of these portrait painting tutorials use something called a "Zorn Palette", after the 19th Century Swedish painter Anders Zorn, someone I'd not heard of before. A limited palette using only ivory black, titanium white, yellow ochre and cadmium red (although some raw umber is also used for the ground).

Zorn painted Portrait of Emma Zorn and my small, cropped copy is below.

If you follow the linkt, try to ignore the (probably) great difference in colour you'll see. Colour calibration needed as always.

This is a small painting (6"x8") in acrylic on Daler board.

This is "version 1" - version "2" has turned out much worse unfortunately. It was supposed to be am improvement but it looks like I'll abandon and junk.

Kemp paints this Alla Prima, apparently in one go, under an hour. I took two or three sittings, one about 20 minutes for the greys and base, then a couple more of 20 or 30 minutes each for the skin tones and the completion.