Mon, 25 Aug 2014
Margaret Heath, Watercolours

And now for some watercolours ...

I came across Margaret Heath at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery at Waterloo and was struck by how beautiful her watercolours were. Some of the best I've seen : very technically and artistically accomplished.

Summer Courtyard

From her web site :

Her paintings show the transient quality of light, often early in the morning and late in the day, that can make a scene look so beautiful. To be on a beach or cliff top, alongside a harbour wall or Venetian canal, and to show the viewer how wonderful it looked at that moment is her reason to paint.

And this original painting goes for £695 :

Handfast Point, Dorset

A lot of skill here and she really captures that special quality of watercolour art, the luminosity. Beautifully done.

Her web site has more :

She will also be exhibiting at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery from 23rd October for three weeks,