Mon, 14 May 2012
Goodbye Lenny

... Hello Squeeze.

I belatedly upgraded my VPS (Virtual Private Server) to the current stable version of Debian Linux. This VPS hosts my blog, mail and a few other important things. I've been very late doing this and security concerns have been weighing on my mind recently. The old stable distribution (Lenny) does not get security updates anymore and the internet is not getting any safer ...

This is the first time I've done a "proper" upgrade in place, the "Debian Way", and I'm happy to say that everything appears to be working. I hate to think about all the magic that goes on behind the scenes to achieve this sort of upgrade automatically, but the process was smooth and pretty straightforward. Debian rocks. I also RTFM.

For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, Debian is a distribution of the Linux operating system and they name each release after a character from Pixar's Toy Story.

Let me also say that my hosting provider rocks as well, and I can thoroughly recommend them : Bitfolk.