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Thu, 30 Dec 2021
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Almost the end of the year 2021, a year few will look back on with any affection. However, there were a few good things for me in 2021: I painted some decent pictures, I got my flat into better shape, I did more walking and cycling, played tennis. Summer wasn't bad in Edinburgh and it was good sitting in the park in the sun. I got to know a few more people, including their dogs. And perhaps most importantly of all, I managed to stay healthy and active. So, here's to a better 2022.

Mon, 27 Dec 2021
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A bigger picture completed a few months ago. This is a 50x60cm oil painting in a decent frame. A very basic composition but it works well I think. Hopefully looks good on a wall.

Sun, 26 Dec 2021
The Big Day
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For me now, the run up to Christmas is always better than the actual day itself; you also learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. Not being so invested in the commercial trappings and present giving helps of course.

I like a Christmas morning walk out, and a walk around the park is becoming a fixture now. It's good to see what the doggies, swans and assorted wildlife are up to as well. You don't have to get out at ridiculous times to see a sunrise at this time of year.

This year, December 25th 2021 was very grey and dull :

But December 25th 2020 was quite spectacular :

This was worth hanging around a bit for, as the sky evolves through many different states over the course of 30 minutes. Great sunrise but perhaps a bit too much to capture in oil paint (from a "tasteful" point of view I think). I may change my mind.

Yesterday. the swans were preening themselves over in the marshy section of the pond :

While a heron skulked on the other side of the rushes, standing silent and waiting for breakfast. The heron is a dangerous bird: in springtime, breakfast can sometimes be a cygnet. The swans lost one earlier this year.

So, what will 2022 bring? Let's hope no more horsemen.

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