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Tue, 09 Oct 2018
Mostly Heavenly
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The National Gallery's Mantegna and Bellini exhibition is the sort of show perfectly suited to London's national art gallery. Not only because they own a few pictures by the two artists but because they have the international clout to borrow other precious paintings from sister galleries in America, Germany and Italy.

Right: The Virgin and Child with Saints Catherine and Mary Magdalene (detail shows Mary), Giovanni Bellini, 1490, Oil on Panel

It's not a "blockbuster" in the way that a Leonardo or a Monet show is (after all, Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini are not well known) but the collection brought together here is very high standard. Some beautiful paintings, as well as drawings from the British Museum and others, as well as sculpture. Worth a second visit.

The National Gallery has a YouTube channel of course, where you can view a short introductory video as well as see Caroline Campbell's longer introduction :

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