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Sun, 16 Jun 2013
Llewellyn Alexander - Rejects of the RA
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I went back to the Llewellyn Alexander gallery to have a look at their Not the Royal Academy show. I love the smaller gallery because you can get much closer to the art, and there's often a lot more of it, packed into a smaller space. If you get there early, as I did, you miss crowds as well. Paintings everywhere.

All the works got a rejection for the Royal Academy show, but as you will see, not for any lack of skill. In conversation with one of the LA gallery proprietors, even they have to reject some, which is always a difficult thing to do: that would be a double rejection sadly. This is usually purely due to the lack of space or a piece being too similar to others already chosen.

I'll have to go back for another look: lots to see. Some favourites are below (all on sale).

Trevor Rowe
Summer at East Hampton
Acrylic on Canvas

Mark McLaughlin
Summer Evening, Ballintoy
Oil on Canvas

Margaret Heath
Fishing on Tal-y-Llyn
Watercolour on Paper

Robin Elliott
The Cliff Edge
Oil on Canvas

Michael Sofroniou
At Home with the Cats
Oil on board

Margaret Heath
Lands End,Summer Evening
Watercolour on Paper

Martin Pinder
Brighton Pier
Oil on Board

Paul Liddiard
Towards Dartmouth
Acrylic on Board

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