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Wed, 29 May 2013
Phantom Ride
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The Duveen Gallery at Tate Britain is not nearly as large as Tate Modern's Turbine Hall but it is still pretty big and a very impressive space.

This space is currently being used to show Simon Starling's Phantom Ride on a big screen hanging in the center of the hall. It is quite an amazing show but perhaps the first thing you notice is the sound: a very low rumbling whooshing noise that is quite unsettling. This is matched on occasion with the visual image, such as a swooping 360° around Epstein's nightmarish Rock Drill.

Starling seems to have used the latest type of 3D modelling and computer controlled camera control to build a virtual Duveen Gallery within which he can place selected Tate pieces. At one point bomb damage from the Blitz is modelled, before the camera and models swoop around and display a new artifact (perhaps a Picasso, or a Warhol).

You can see some of the video at the Tate web site (or click the image below). But a (free) visit is highly recommended.

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