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Mon, 20 May 2013
Bright Land
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Dulwich Picture Gallery has a great show on at the moment called Bright Land, with work by their Artist in Residence, Canadian Liz Charsley-Jory. She's been inspired by the Canadian Group of Seven artists, who had an exhibition on at the Dulwich a year ago called Painting Canada, and created some beautiful pictures in a similar vein. I loved the show a year ago so much that I bought the book.

Most of her work is painted in oil pastels.

Unfortunately, the last day was Sunday (hence the trip) but her web site shows more of her work and I would recommend a look.

The exhibition today was free but I paid to see the Murillo exhibition afterwards.

Right Paddling around Trowlock Island, charcoal on paper

This is a monumental (i.e. large) black and white charcoal drawing, maybe a masterpiece. Sold.

The artist was in the room, doing a bit of painting, and I took the opportunity to tell her that I liked the paintings (as did some other visitors). I would imagine it was a successful show and I overheard her saying she was doing the "Christmas cards" this year. I'll look out for them.

I really love Dulwich Village but couldn't afford to live there. Like many places in London, it's beauty is only minutes from much less salubrious areas ...

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