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Sun, 10 Feb 2013
Henry Reunited
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After visiting the Mall Gallery last week and viewing the British Scene, I walked up Charing Cross Road and had a lookin the National Portrait Gallery.

The reason for the visit was to see the newly restored painting of Catherine of Aragon, now hanging beside her husband, Henry.

The NPG web site has the full story of the restoration.

They make a good couple and one wonders as to the likeness, with Henry's quite flat features, and Catherine's almost doll like countenance. Old pictures hanging with a lot of other old pictures in Room 1, The Early Tudors.

The room includes a famous portrait of King Richard III, whose body was recently dug up in Leicester.

An excellent resource on Richard, and his recent discovery, is at the University of Leicester. A good page The search for Richard III - completed that includes video of the dig and lots of scientific detail on the identification.

In the picture, notice how Richard plays with his ring in the same way Henry does. A stock pose for a King.

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