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Sun, 03 Feb 2013
The British Scene
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The British Scene is a show currently on at the Mall Gallery. It's a free exhibition of pictures highlighting the British landscape. Mostly countryside but sometimes urban. As you can see below, it was not very busy on a Sunday morning.

I liked a number of pictures, including the two shown below. The one on the left is by Cheryl Culver, painted in pastel. A very evocative woodland scene with an almost "art deco" feel to it as well. One of her other pictures seemed to be sold (red dot) but this one's available (about £1500 if I recall). The painting on the right is a beautiful watercolour by Bob Rudd.

Get a better look at these two pictures using these links :

More Cheryl Culver :

As the Shadows begin to Lengthen

I love the late afternoon golden sun in the field and sky. See more and buy here. Remember - free entry to the show as well.

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