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Thu, 15 Sep 2011
Trello - Post-It Notes for the AJAX Generation
# 21:06 in ./tech

Joel Spolsky's company Fogcreek announced a new product called Trello. It is a free and entirely web-based project management tool. But as Spolsky notes in his introductory blog post, it started life as a way of "digitising" the way people sometimes project "manage" with post-it notes. The concept has been kept simple.

Read his blog post introduction to see what it does. It's free to join up and use, so try it out.

My initial impression is that it's great. Seems simple, intuitive but also useful. Like any new application though, you've got to use it to get a feel and see how well it actually works. I'll have to consider how to do that.

There is an amazing number of very good HTML/Javascipt/AJAX style web applications around now, and all the frameworks and libraries as well. This is a golden age for the web. I'd like to try integrating this at work, alongside something like Google+, or similar "Web 2.0" applications, and see what happens.

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