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Tue, 06 Sep 2011
LSI MegaRAID Command Line is ...
# 07:03 in ./tech

... appalling. If you have an LSI MegaRAID card on Linux, you have to manage it using the LSI command-line tool megacli. This program has the worst interface I have ever seen, with terse, complicated and case-sensitive options highly dependent on the order given. Terrible!

# megacli -h

      MegaCLI SAS RAID Management Tool  Ver 5.00.12 May 08, 2009

    (c)Copyright 2009, LSI Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

NOTE: The following options may be given at the end of any command below:

    [-Silent] [-AppLogFile filename] [-NoLog] [-page[N]]
                 [-] is optional.
                  N - Number of lines per page.

MegaCli -v
MegaCli -help|-h|?
MegaCli -adpCount
MegaCli -AdpSetProp {CacheFlushInterval -val}|{ RebuildRate -val}
    |{PatrolReadRate -val}|{BgiRate -val}|{CCRate -val}
    |{ReconRate -val}|{SpinupDriveCount -val}|{SpinupDelay -val}
    |{CoercionMode -val}|{ClusterEnable -val}|{PredFailPollInterval -val}
    |{BatWarnDsbl -val} |{EccBucketSize -val} | {EccBucketLeakRate -val}
    |{AbortCCOnError -val} | AlarmEnbl | AlarmDsbl | AlarmSilence
    |{SMARTCpyBkEnbl -val} | NCQEnbl | NCQDsbl -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL
    |{SSDSMARTCpyBkEnbl -val} -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL

Uugghhhh .... 3Ware's tool is much nicer. Since 3ware is owned by LSI now, perhaps they can get the author(s) of the 3ware command line tool to sort out megacli?

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