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Fri, 26 Aug 2011
An Irreversible Disease
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In May 2011, The Post-Keynesian conference was held at Roskilde University, Denmark.

The economist James Galbraith (son of J.K. Galbraith) gave a talk about the European Economic Crises. The language he uses is eye-opening and brutal :

I say incurable. This is the diagnosis of an irreversible disease. The corruption and collapse of the rule of law, in the financial sphere, is basically irreparable. It’s not just that restoring trust takes a long time. It’s that under the new technological order in this field, it can not be done. The technologies are designed to sow and foster distrust and that is the consequence of using them. The recent experience proves this, it seems to me. And therefore there can be no return to the way things were before. In other words, we are at the end of the illusion of a market place in the financial sphere.

The text of the talk was on Naked Capitalism.

How bad are things? Pretty bad I fear and with worse to come. I just don't see the will or capacity to fix the system anymore. This means that things could get very rough in the next few years.

Tue, 16 Aug 2011
Coffee : A Drug, The Withdrawal
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I wrote a blog post a while ago describing my love of coffee. It's undiminished. But from 4 or 5 cups then, I have cut down to 1 cup only, first thing in the morning. And even stranger, I have now made that cup decaffeinated.

For no exciting reason other than to see what a day without coffee was like, I bought some (decent, water processed) ground Java from the Algerian Coffee Company in Soho.

First day today and I can report that the coffee's not bad, but not as good as my usual (a bit more bitter). Even 1/2 hour after, I could tell it was decaff. But the major difference was from mid-morning until the mid-afternoon. A background low-level headache and feeling much more tired than usual. A big difference to my day in fact, even though I'm still drinking a few cups of tea a day.

I'm not keen on feeling physically dependant on anything, so I think I'll carry on with this "experiment", flush it out a bit and see what happens. My physical reaction just shows how strong coffee can be.

At some point however, I definitely want to try Kopi Luwak coffee. This is the coffee made from the beans eaten and excreted by a civet! Gourmet coffee apparently.

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