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Fri, 13 May 2011
Card Games
# 20:31 in ./general

If it's not family members having some trouble with a Bridge game's Windows 7 compatibility (none, as it turns out), it's card problems of a plastic nature.

I often seem to have problems getting a hold of a replacement bank card when mine is coming up to expiry. At the end of the month, my debit card expires and I've been keeping an eye out for weeks for the new one. Turns out that went missing, so I've got the bank to send a replacement. Thank goodness, received.

Now I have had to spend hours going through my various online relationships and check what card might be registered, changing or deleting as appropriate. This is where some form of secure online identity would be useful, so I could update my profile once and have everyone start using it immediately.

Unfortunately, I introduced a big problem with the word secure ...

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