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Wed, 13 Apr 2011
Spring Biking
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I used to travel to work on the tube, but the poor service and strikes, crowding and then the summer heat, made me look for alternatives. I then started to get the bus, and even though I had to get up a little earlier to make sure I got to work at a good time, much preferred it. The route is excellent as well.

I had also wanted a bike for a while, but circumstances[1] made that hard until last September, when I finally bought a Brompton.

I caught the last of the good autumn weather and have managed to cycle to and from work 5 days a week, and use the bike at weekends. This is over a pretty bad winter as well, with only a couple of days unused due to snow and ice (something I am a bit allergic to!).

Having the bike has made a massive positive difference to me. Not only do I get to work and back a lot quicker (and consistently), it's easy to travel around and do things at the weekend. The route I take to work is pretty easy as well and I mostly follow the same 88 bus route I'd use on the bus. Bus lanes and quieter roads (except for Vauxhall). The Brompton is fairly easy to carry short distances, so can be taken into a shop for instance, or stored safely under your desk. I have had a puncture though, so it's not all good.

A perfect little commuter bike and a great buy!

1. I broke my ankle in January 2010 was recovering from that for over half a year.

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