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Mon, 04 Apr 2011
Moen & Sons - Clapham
# 20:43 in ./general

Moen & Sons is a real butcher and it's been in Clapham for quite a long time now.

I think it's only the past 5-10 years that it's blossomed fully though and for the same reasons that Borough Market is so busy nowadays. People want good food, something less bland than what's often available in the supermarket.

I can thoroughly recommend their traditional pork sausages!

PC Update

Still here .... closely monitored ....

Ughh ... Oops
# 15:48 in ./tech

I spoke a bit too soon perhaps ..

On the way out yesterday, my desktop PC froze when I decided to empty the nautilus/gnome "wastebasket". I was ripping a DVD at the time (Downfall, very good) and streaming radio, so I left thinking it might spring back to life when I got home.

It didn't. So a hard reset. And now I keep getting kernel oops and freezes, and have to hold the power button down to switch the system off, before powering up again.

It's usually hard to diagnose this sort of thing, at least if you're not familiar with the internals of the kernel, or drivers. It looks like it might be network related (e1000e), or maybe NFS. I mount a main NFS volumne from my QNAP (T419P), and maybe another NFS volume (USB disk exported). I've forced mounting NFS version 3 (vers=3 in /etc/fstab) and things might have settled down ... I hope so.

I'm monitoring the situation ... I really don't want to have to deal with this just now.

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