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Sat, 19 Mar 2011
New Camera - Olympus XZ-1
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In the old days (20th Century), people took photos with a camera. Nowadays, many (perhaps most) people use their mobile phone. Because many mobile phones build a fairly decent basic camera into the phone, many people have a camera with them at all times. This is the reason I started taking more pictures again.

My current mobile phone (HTC Desire) hasn't got as good a camera as my previous one (a Sony Ericsson W910i), so I decided to buy a proper camera :

Olympus XZ-1

Being a lovely sunny day today, I took it for a spin with a walk down the north side of Clapham Common to the Junction. The picture quality is leaps and bounds better than the phone.

What this means for the artistic quality of my photographs remains to be seen. The camera can take pictures as big as 4K pixels .... so if the pictures aren't good, it will be hard to hide :-)

Weeping Willow on Clapham Common North Side.
Click for large version.

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