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Mon, 31 Jan 2011
# 21:00 in ./general

Went to see Jerry Sadowitz doing a comedy gig on Saturday night. One of the things he ranted about was "IT" geeks running home and writing up his show on the computer. He got quite worked up about it ... and here I am!

I think the last time I came across Sadowitz was 25 years ago in Edinburgh (probably the festival) and the 80's was his breakthrough decade. Of course, he is so offensive that he's not getting anywhere near the TV or radio generally.

You think you're pretty immune to offensive comedy today because it's so common. To a certain extent that's true but there are still some areas that are off limits. To most at least. Not people like Jerry Sadowitz though. Very funny in parts, obnoxious and insulting to everyone (including Islam for a refreshing change). Too much for most people. You have been warned

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