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Wed, 07 Apr 2010
Modern Political Discourse ...
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I don't watch much TV but listen to quite a bit of radio, usually BBC Radio 4. I'm not particularly thrilled that it's going to be wall to wall election coverage from now until May. It feels old already.

Listening to the Today program, two things I hate about the way both journalists and politicians work :

  1. Journalists constantly interrupt the interviewee. Sometimes the interruptions happen so often that it's all a waste of time trying to make any sense at all. Having said that ...
  2. The politician will talk and talk as long as they can, with as few breaths and gaps as possible. It is an obvious attempt to make sure fewer questions or interruptions are possible. A lot of talk, but little of substance said.

It has been like this for a long time. Both these complaints are related of course and are just two of many. Modern political discourse is enough to make me want to scream sometimes ...

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