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Thu, 01 Apr 2010
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Well, well ... what have we got here? So, I've decided to have a go with this new-fangled blogging stuff ...

Well, actually, I've been reading blogs for years, in fact almost from the first appearance of "weblogs". This was the dim and distant past when blogs were few and far between, and I was drawn to a blog called Scripting News by Dave Winer. Perhaps because it had "scripting" in its name, and I was fresh and new to the web and Perl. In fact, there was no Perl at all, but a lot of cogent and interesting discussion of the new frontier of web applications.

It was all very exciting actually. In fact, it still is, with the added advantage that everything's much faster now.

As I said, quite a while ago. PG - "Pre-Google". When access was by modem, slow and noisy, and the idea was to grab as many cached pages as possible and then shut the link down. And hope Netscape didn't crash ...

It's much better now. And I maybe I'll write about that.

Onwards ...

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