Mon, 02 May 2016
Cracked Hanji

This is a photograph of an artwork called Aggregation10-SEO32RED by Chun Kwang-Young from Korea, as seen at the V&A Museum :

Ignoring the reflections on the glass, what I liked was the stark and sombre contrast between the grey and the red. There's something volcanic to it.

The description says that the work is created by wrapping small pieces of styrofoam in Korean Hanji paper, a very common and long used type of paper (they are very proud of). We are told that the cracks and defects :

.. symbolise the difficult history of Korea, but the strong paper reflects the resilience of the Korean people.

A grainy close-up :

The Koreans living in the North certainly need all the strength and resilience they can muster. An interesting and arresting creation (and well displayed).