Sat, 14 Nov 2015
John Yardley at Llewellyn Alexander

Above: After the Shower – Venice

Down to Llewellyn Alexander again, unfortunately not missing the rain this morning! I mentioned that I was surprised he did so many watercolours (having thought he was mainly an oil painter), but discovered I was thinking of his son, Bruce Yardley.

John Yardley is a well known watercolour painter and the Llewellyn Alexander gallery has a good selection of his work in their new exhibition.

Below: Into the sun – Honfleur

From (what appear to be) very simple applications of blobs of colour, a few shapes and lines, he conjures up amazing pictures that perfectly capture a moment. A very impressionistic watercolour style, and very impressive results.

Less is sometimes more. Take a look at the rest of the pictures on the website, or better still, pop in and have a look in person.