Sun, 16 Nov 2014
Forest to Sea

Emily Carr at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Emily Carr was a Canadian painter who worked mainly in the far North West of Canada in British Columbia. Painting in the first decades of the 20th Century, she is known in Canada for documenting the landscape and native peoples such as the Haida.

She has an exhibition at Dulwich just now and I had a look.

I don't think she ever had much money and this is reflected in the common use of paper rather than canvas for her oil paintings. She also often used petrol to thin her oils, another reflection of lack of means. Even so, an artist must create and she seems to have managed to get by with what she had. I especially liked the pictures below.

Indian War Canoe (Alert Bay), 1912 :

Tanoo, Queen Charlotte Island, BC, 1913 :

Since the wonderful Group of Seven show at Dulwich, I keep my eyes open for Canadian art shows.